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Monday, February 13, 2017

News with a twist

Alternative points of view is a part of free speech. When I first awoke early this Monday morning, I searched the news for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. A Fox News article appeared declaring that Flynn was off the hook as investigators found nothing. I decided to check some other channels and discovered something different.

I wanted to make screen grabs of articles appearing on various channels at the same time to illustrate how the same news story is handled.  Surprisingly, by the time I got to catching the Fox story, it disappeared. It was erased completely, apparently pulled off the air.

Still, I found one story from the day before that had the same theme. Here below are several reports about Flynn for your observation and comment.

"Fake news" are stories that are false and intentionally fabricated. This blog article prompts an observation about the story. Flynn could face reprimand and removal. If he can't get a security clearance for the position, then he can't serve. If investigators discover that Flynn broke the law in conversations with Russians about national security he could face a charge of treason. If the President participated in this activity, he would be a collaborator. Those are notions by an independent journalist that are subject to review by legal analysts and the Department of Justice.

Fox spin, yesterday.

Fox, also yesterday.

CNN this morning.

Huffington Post had the goods in January.

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