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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poking at the President is no sport

Poking at the President is no sport, it is serious business. I disliked it immensely when Mitch McConnell declared war on the Obama presidency, twice. It wasn't just rebellious; it was anti-American. In the name of the US Constitution, Republicans formally assaulted the freedoms they are sworn to protect. What is their motivation? It is to sustain the power that the wealthy minority can retain only by exploiting ignorance and bad behavior and by undermining equality with political contributions. They manipulated and stacked the deck against the common citizen.

I digress, the subject is about criticizing the sitting President. If there were no cause except ideological differences, the debate would be about substance and issues.

The focus of criticism is about Trump's observable unpresidential behavior and charges of his violating the emolument clause of the US Constitution. He has demonstrated ineptness in issuing executive orders due in part because he does not know the law and his staff apparently doesn't either. The evidence is that two courts struck down his EOs.

Trump's National Security Director, Michael Flynn, resigned and is under investigation of communicating inappropriately with Russians. Other members of Trump's team are similarly under investigation.

There are many other active legal problems and issues concerning President Trump and add to that his undisciplined public speaking.

At stake is the nation's reputation that is in progressive deterioration.

"US President Donald Trump is to hold what the White House calls "a campaign rally for America" in Florida. 
The rally in Melbourne will be similar in style to those he held during the election campaign. 
The rally comes off the back of a week in which Mr Trump attacked the media in an aggressive press conference.

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