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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Taking back government

American citizens who are the majority in opposing Donald Trump as President and his regime have only the rule of law to pave their way forward. The election cycle is one certain path. However, the system is corrupted by undue influence.

When most Americans realize that installing Donald Trump was a mistake, what recourse is available to correct that? Given that the President has apparently violated the emolument clause of the Constitution, he can be impeached and removed.

There are complications ahead because some members of Congress, have covered for the errant President in different ways. That means that the automatic protocols specified in the Constitution may also be arbitrated.

That is, the appointment of Mike Pence as Vice President may be challenged as his being illegitimate.  If the Speaker of the House and Senate president pro tempore are to have been cooperators in covering up wrong-doing, they may become disqualified. The Trump cabinet may become disqualified. Therefore, the entire situation will end up in the Supreme Court to establish a new direction. Alternatives include calling for a new election.

The civil war that lies ahead will be the legal battle for all time in the United States. Citizens are advised to keep their protests nonviolent as to not give the flawed administration the authority to invoke marshall law.

"BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Implicated In Coverup Of Russia/Trump Election Meddling, FBI Inquiry 
By Sarah MacManus - December 14, 2016 
With many high-ranking congressional Republicans calling for a full investigation into the CIA’s report of interference by the Russians into the 2016 presidential election, it has been revealed that one, Senate Majority Leader, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, knew about the hacks long before the election. 
During a preliminary secret briefing for congressional leaders in September, McConnell dismissed the findings and cast doubts about the accuracy of the data. As reported by the Business Insider, several unnamed officials stated that McConnell even went so far as to threaten to rebuke the Obama administration if it publicly challenged Russia over the cyberattacks."

By all legal means

People protesting in North Dakota last November. CreditStephanie Keith/Reuters

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