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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump adopts Russian Role Model

Witness with your eyes this week that Donald Trump attacked the free press that is the pillar of democracy. Trump's routine shtick is to attempt to distract people from the truth by creating enemies and blaming others. He is playing to his small-minded audience that helped elect him. That audience might be shrinking while the majority of Americans definitely resist.

"The Trump administration wants to continue to delegitimize institutions like the mainstream media. The more they can confuse the lines between facts and truth, legitimate and illegitimate sources of information, the more they will be able to brainwash the small segment of the public they care about reaching."

Apparently, Trump enjoys the Pravda model of the press that is controlled by the government. His big mouth piece isn't working so well, so he wants to shut off the others. That isn't going to work in America. Trump's strategy is a dead end, like depending on fossil fuels for energy, as an instance.

'Red' blooded American

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