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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tug of War

Today, Americans are having a tug of war over democratic freedom. The oligarchs have gained control by organizing ignorance and turning it to their favor. They don't have the numbers to win, so they manipulated the rules and adopted an evil strategy to appeal to the weakest extremes rooted in the population. It is truly simple.

Their goal is to maximize their power and profit.

They accomplish that by making ignorant people believe that "their government" is working against them.

Short phrases and themes manipulate ignorant people. Racial hatred and bigotry disguised as being religious freedom exploit them. The Donald Trump administration and Republican Party have institutionalized this strategy. You can read it in their party platform. You can watch it in their behavior.

The majority of Americans must not only resist but must retake power and control of government by all legal means. No day goes by under the present regime that is acceptable. They are anti-Americans who have effectively taken over, for a low moment in the nation's history.

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