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Monday, February 6, 2017

'Twitter finger'

President Trump is characterized by The Washington Post's Ishaan Tharoor as the "Divider in Chief." That is fairly accurate. While he divides, it quantifies his degree of support and resistance. Resistance stands at 53% and support at 44% with 3% wondering who won the election.

Tharoor's best description is Trump the "Twitter Finger." Every time he Tweets he shows what a twit he is.
"Case in point: Trump's reaction to the widespread protests against his immigration ban, as well as his fury at the federal judge who shot it down in court. Rather than recognizing these voices of dissent for what they are — normal features of a healthy democracy — Trump sought to attack the very legitimacy of his opponents, deeming protesters "thugs" and "paid" activists while questioning the judge's authority to disagree with him."

Why is this real news?
  • Trump lashed out at the press again, alleging dishonesty, with no proof whatsoever.
  • The poll numbers show that he has a very low-performance rating as a new president.
  • He is still Tweeting and that is not presidential.
  • He is a name-caller and thus deserves all of the labels that the press and anyone can bestow upon him.
  • All of the accounts is verifiable.

Washington Post graphic grab 

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