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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Humpty-Dumpty Award for Congress

It still hasn't happened, except the GOP PR machine is saying it will repeal Obamacare. It might replace it with something, but they don't know how it will work because they have not tested or evaluated the legislative slop job.

What citizens know for a fact is that about half of the GOP Legislators are opposed to addressing the needs, and the other half are stingy about it. Whatever they do will cause harm to millions of Americans. It will be worse than Obamacare as a result.

"REPEAL VOTE IS IMMINENT, AND GOP IS CONFIDENT IT WILL PASS - It's here, and it's happening. The American Health Care Act will hit the House floor today, promising to be a defining moment for President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, to say nothing of the rank-and-file Republicans sweating the outcome and millions of Americans looking on in hope and fear. 
Almost four months after starting their process - and more than 2,500 days after House Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act - the House GOP says it finally has the votes, the bill and the president who will take Obamacare apart." 
Politico Pulse By Dan Diamond 
In the end, Donald Trump might be able to declare that he assisted Congress in killing the living legislation that helped millions, and replaced it with poison that will kill millions of real people.

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  1. House Passes GOP Health Care Bill

    The vote is the first step in fulfilling the Republican Party's longtime pledge to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Democrats said the bill had been hastily rammed through the House.