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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Senate Oversight and FBI Director Comey

Bias is consistent throughout the hearing featuring FBI Director Comey with the Senate Oversight Committee. How does bias manifest?

  1. Choice of topics and questions
  2. Rehash by Republicans of Hillary Clinton emails (case closed)
  3. The insistence by Democrats for insight into the investigation of Donald Trump, his campaign staff, and Russians (active investigations)

The FBI Director prefers to discuss the necessity of legal ability for the FBI and Intelligence community to share data about criminal suspects, foreign and domestic. That is a relevant matter before Congress.

However, the looming concern among many Americans today is at what point in the FBI's investigation of a sitting President might it act on evidence that supports allegations of Emolument Clause violations, Misprision of Fraud, and lying by a Federal Government Official?

Has the bureau discovered any evidence that should cause alarm about President Trump's legal status as the Commander-in-Chief?

'Mildly nauseous' 
James Comey

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