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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Unmerry Month of May with Trump

Here are 99 stories authored by James A. George in the month of May about America's illegitimate President. I have been on this beat and pursuing the evidence since before Trump stole The White House. I am pursuing his colluders and co-conspirators who are members of the Republican Party. This government shall not stand as it is. It must be reconstituted under the rule of law and with the guidance of the US Supreme Court.

The House and Senate Republican leadership have obstructed justice and cannot be trusted. The quorum of legitimacy rests in the Democrats and Republicans who have rejected the corruption of the Donald Trump regime, and with the professionals on which we depend as a nation. The game is over for the Trumps and corrupted Republicans.
  • Enough with Trump!
  • Trump is a failure says, Boehner
  • Problem: Not who, but what was leaked
  • Established Media Misses the Point
  • America is leaky
  • Trump can't break America
  • Trump's penchant for Twitter
  • Lying and Betrayal are Trump Hallmark
  • Trump's pattern of obstruction
  • U.S. Afghanistan Endgame
  • Unraveling Trump and the Russians
  • 'Taxpayer First' Sounds Greedy
  • Trump squandered opportunity
  • Don't Russian to Judgment
  • The 'con' in Trump
  • No way out
  • Things can go right
  • 'Barbaric criminals' replaces 'radical Islam'
  • Can America have a royal family?
  • Demoralized Presidency
  • Trump swaggers off to Arabia
  • Trump Travel is 'Disconcerting'
  • Losers lose, Trey Gowdy
  • GOP Insider calls it 'a coup against Trump'
  • Flynn is lightning rod
  • Contracting for Justice
  • Crumbling Trump and New Equilibrium
  • Caution: Trump investigation will take awhile
  • Oddity about Speaker Ryan
  • 'No politician treated worse'
  • Keep Moving on Tax Reform
  • Trump acted without permission
  • The 'Right' is Wrong
  • John Negroponte shrugs at Trump's situation
  • Difference Between Drama and Crisis
  • One of many Trump mistakes
  • MacMaster's Immaculate Deflection
  • Trump will rationalize anything
  • For reasons of national security
  • Trump shared secrets with Russians
  • Do you trust Trump?
  • Shame on North Carolina
  • Is Pence a Leaker?
  • Our own worst enemy
  • Speculative Analysis versus 'Fake News'
  • The Matter Before the Nation
  • Greatest American Fraud
  • Republican agenda rattled by distractions
  • Loyalty and Allegiance
  • Trivial Trump Observation
  • 'When will this end?'
  • Selecting an FBI Director, Part 4
  • Republican Party Responsibility
  • Republican's try to change the subject
  • Constitutional Crisis in Trump Behavior
  • The Rule of Law and the Presidency
  • Life Goes On
  • Trump is untrustworthy
  • Challenging the Senate's ending filibuster
  • Arrest Donald Trump
  • Lying is a crime, Mr. Trump
  • Trump, talking aloud
  • Trump's failed distraction, Obama
  • For 'good health' walk away Trump
  • Tyranny in Progress
  • Sessions will never do what he should
  • Free press is working
  • Evidence points to Trump conflicts
  • Selecting an FBI Director Part 3
  • Take Sessions to Court
  • Selecting an FBI Director Part 2
  • How to Select an FBI Director (Part 1 of 2)
  • Trump Bombs Investigation
  • War in Afghanistan is not the answer
  • Comey Fired
  • Evidence mounts that Trump stole election
  • Necessity of investigating Trump taxes
  • How to repair USA's broken government
  • Trump on Tweet-storm defensive
  • Yates and Clapper nail Trump
  • Ask me why I am one-sided
  • How to insure Americans with healthcare
  • Americans don't know how to throw out the garbage
  • GOP is worried about Trump
  • Profile of Vulnerable Republicans
  • Noose Tightens Around Trump Presidency
  • Save the Nation, the Court
  • Typical day on the border
  • When Healthcare drives job growth
  • More Trump Bullshit
  • Health care and capitalism?
  • The GOP House Fraud on Healthcare
  • Humpty-Dumpty Award for Congress
  • House of Representatives Malpractice
  • Senate Oversight and FBI Director Comey
  • Trump war on Americans continues
  • Nothing funny about dumb Trump
  • Time spent by Congress on repeal and replace
  • Trump is a sociopathic liar 
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  1. This government shall not stand as it is. It must be reconstituted under the rule of law and with the guidance of the US Supreme Court.