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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

America's Safety Net

Who is responsible for providing a safeguard against possible hardship or adversity? That is a good topic for political parties and their member representatives.

My book, How to Select an American President, by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing addresses the idea in a larger context. That is, what is the role and responsibility of government in ensuring a good life for all citizens.

A "good life" requires definition and that is something that our political leaders and institutions must address. A good life is surely not one that subjects people to poverty.

I have advocated that poverty should be against the law. Otherwise, the government should ensure that no one lives in poverty.

Most adult citizens have the capacity to work to earn a living and to be self-sustainable. Some adults make mistakes by having children for which they do not have the capacity to support them. Therefore, there is a gap that must be filled, and I suggest that is a public responsibility.

Many adults who are underperforming and below sustaining their obligations can improve when given specific types of assistance that include supplemental education, training, and child support. Those are some things that are necessary to fill the gap and to improve such that individuals can advance on their initiative.

Other gap-fillers include housing, food, transportation, and clothing, for instance.

If citizens declare that these things are the role of governments at all levels and that governments are responsible for 100% of the performance assurance, then where might charities come into play?

The fact is that if the government was doing its duty, the role of charities would be to enhance as desired, and not as required. That is, there should be no tax deductions for charitable contributions because, after all, the gifts are from the pure goodness of hearts.

"Trump eyes cap on charitable deductionsBY ALEXANDER BOLTON - 04/19/17 06:00 AM EDT"


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  1. Charities are necessary because government fails to perform.