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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First Presidential Task

Failure at this can be fatal to the Presidency. The first task of the President of the United States is staffing. Qualifying, vetting and selecting and appointing is a process that must begin far in advance winning the election. The provisional shadow government must be seated in advance. There is so little time to get the job done in a live operational environment.

That is the downside of selecting a President who has no political experience. It can be fatal to government performance and the presidency.

"Lisa Rein has a fascinating story on the front page of today’s paper about Cabinet secretaries who are growing increasingly exasperated with how slowly the White House is moving to fill top-tier posts. They believe the vacancies in their departments are hobbling efforts to oversee basic government operations and promote Trump’s agenda. 
It turns out that one important explanation for the sluggish process is that lots of people inside the White House have veto power over who gets even junior jobs. Trump, who fancies himself a decisive leader, is in many ways governing by committee, something Republicans often attacked Barack Obama for." 
Power Post/The Washington Post email

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