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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Investigation into Trump must accelerate

Clear the deck.

Situation Analysis: A sitting President is suspected of multiple violations that could constitute his impeachment with the highest crimes among the alleged possibilities.

Probable Cause: Part of the problem stems from the Republican Party failing to properly vet candidate Trump. They did not perform a thorough analysis of his resume. They did not vet his business relationships to identify possible conflicts of interest. They did not verify and validate his financial situation and that of his businesses for possible vulnerabilities that might undermine his security clearance. They ignored multiple lawsuits including fraud and sexual assault.

Problem Statement: Donald Trump appears to be in violation of the Emolument Clause of the US Constitution prohibiting conflicts of interest. He persists in actions that constitute ethics violations including nepotism.  He appears to have committed Misprision of Fraud, covering up lies. He has constantly lied about a host of things all of which are impeachable offenses.

Trump is under investigation by the Treasury, FBI, and National Security Agency along with his campaign staff members for coordinating or colluding with Russians to interfere in the nation's free election.

With all of that, the Republican-controlled Congress has participated in covering up and obstructing justice by interfering with an objective investigation. That renders Congress being unable to conduct an impartial investigation and makes the Congressional protocol moot if Trump and Pence are impeached.

If Trump goes, the administration and government is a house of cards.
"The European intelligence agencies detected multiple communications over several months between the Trump associates and Russian individuals -- and passed on that intelligence to the US. The US and Britain are part of the so-called "Five Eyes" agreement (along with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), which calls for open sharing among member nations of a broad range of intelligence.
The communications are likely to be scrutinized as part of the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russia's efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. 
"If foreign intelligence agencies share information with US intelligence, and it's relevant to the investigation, then, of course, the intelligence committee will look at it," a source close to the Senate investigation told CNN."

Clear the Deck

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