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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Obamacare repeal stopped by stingy

This is the Sunday sermon.

The irony to the Republican's debacle on health care is that Obamacare was not repealed because a subset of Republicans thought the replacement bill is too generous. The replacement would have left 24 million without health care and would have been more costly for those in need.

One Congressman, Jodey Arrington, from Texas underscored their philosophy with a quote from Thessalonians that says, let the unwilling starve, referring to those reluctant should not be fed. Extrapolating, those who can't afford health care should get sick and die quickly.

Those are bad attitudes that undermine the American spirit and purpose of government. The disagreement and debate about this need to be wrestled to the mat. Just as the battle to end slavery was fought, so too, must the battle to end poverty and for victory for economic, social, and environmental responsibility.

The problems endemic in the Civil War have reared their ugly head and become manifest in the Republican Party Platform. That too is ironic for the Party of Lincoln.

Say, amen, to fixing this problem.

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