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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oddly, the GOP must admit Trump broke the law

Donald Trump incited violence against innocent protesters at a political rally. He directed members of the crowd to "get them out of here," referring to the protesters. Trump argued that it was within his right of free speech to yell the command, except a judge, did not agree.

Interestingly, this report comes from an email from the GOP. I guess they are trying to get ahead with the truth on a late Sunday afternoon before more Trump-stuff hits the fan. Once again, he broke the law.

"Judge to Trump: No Protection for Speech Inciting Violence 
A federal judge has rejected President Donald Trump's free speech defense against a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a campaign rally. 
Trump's lawyers sought to dismiss the lawsuit by three protesters who say they were roughed up by his supporters at a March 1, 2016 rally in Louisville, Kentucky. They argued that Trump didn't intend for his supporters to use force. 
Two women and a man say they were shoved and punched by audience members at Trump's command. Much of it was captured on video and widely broadcast during the campaign, showing Trump pointing at the protesters and repeating "get them out." 
Judge David J. Hale in Louisville ruled Friday that the suit against Trump, his campaign and three of his supporters can proceed. Hale found ample facts supporting allegations that the protesters' injuries were a "direct and proximate result" of Trump's actions, and noted that the Supreme Court has ruled out constitutional protections for speech that incites violence. 
"It is plausible that Trump's direction to 'get 'em out of here' advocated the use of force," the judge wrote. "It was an order, an instruction, a command." 
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