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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Recruiting Poster

Reading a story this morning about Democrats and they're trying to recruit appealing candidates for the US House of Representatives, I have lots of advice. My book, How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing isn't just about presidential candidates. The process applies to all elected representatives.

For political parties, the process begins with the Party Platform that should address the foundation for attending to the nation's priority outcomes.

Democrats and Republicans post their platforms on their respective websites, and frankly, they are deplorably deficient. That is why I have another book in progress addressing that subject.

My recommendation is that candidates for the US House of Representatives, for instance, must reconcile two things:

  1. The needs and desires of their District's constituents
  2. Their alignment with their respective political party's platform

I suggest that candidates write and publish a comprehensive manifesto addressing how they will act for their prospective term in office. We the People need details.

Before getting to the "manifestos," citizens must be assured that their candidates are qualified and certified to represent constituents to the highest standards possible.

Since their jobs vigorously engage the law, they should be trained in the law. Since their work is to produce laws and regulations that are implemented in an automated environment, they would be well-served by having systems engineering and information technology knowledge and competence. Those are just starters.

America's Priority Outcomes
(This list is the author's suggested priorities.)

  1. Nation secured economically - 100%
  2. Nation has a sustainable economy - 100%
  3. Nation secured militarily - 100%
  4. Homeland secured from terrorists - 100%
  5. Employment opportunities for all who can work - 100%
  6. Upward mobility for all who are prepared commensurate with ability - 100%
  7. All persons provided minimal sustainment as a baseline to start - 100%
  8. Social security assured for all persons - 100%
  9. Clean air and water - 100%
  10. Best education in the world - #1
  11. Freest nation in the world - #1 
  12. Lowest crime rate in the world - #1 in the least crime per capita
  13. Affordable health care for all Americans 100%

Read a couple of past articles to get a leg up on essential details.

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Why a U.S. President Manifesto Standard?

Thank you for reading.

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