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Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump and Tax Filing Distraction

For a long time now, American citizens have sought disclosure of  Donald Trump's IRS tax filings. Why? Because therein are answers revealing his conflicts of interest. Also, the tax filings will show the extent to which Trump pays his fair share and how he leverages tax laws to minimize his obligations.

While Trump has no legal obligation to make his filing public, the  US Treasury Department has full access and, according to Trump and verified by the IRS, he is being audited.

Most important, if the IRS discovers anything illegal worthy of an investigation it will share it with the FBI. The FBI and National Security Agency have an active investigation into Trump and his campaign associates for a number of probable causes including:

  • Emolument Clause Violations
  • Misprision of Fraud
  • Coordinating and Colluding with the Enemy
  • Lying as a Federal Government Representative
  • Tax Dodging

Little things such as nepotism and other ethics violations might fall under the purvue of Congress to police. However, the evidence shows that the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader among other Republican Congressmen have obstructed justice or are otherwise conflicted. They cannot conduct impartial investigations.

All of this amounts to an impending Constitutional Crisis whereby the US Government is defined as illegitimate. The standing protocols for the restablishing government after the President and his Vice President and cabinet members are impeached are undermined by a corrupt Congress.

This means that the US Government will be in the hands of the US Supreme Court and the members of Congress who are not compromised by the alleged Trump corruption crimes.

Hold onto your government with the rule of law with all of your might as this democratic nation will get its biggest test ever.

The way forward includes:
  • Prosecuting crimes
  • Establishing temporary governance
  • Initiating a new election
  • Resetting under the US Constitution 

Do Over

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  1. "The Mystery of Trump’s Tax Plan — and Returns
    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and the byzantine nature of the tax code. As the deadline to file your taxes creeps up Tuesday, it’s been three decades since Ronald Reagan, riding an electoral college landslide of 49 out of 50 states, was able to overhaul the tax system. President Trump doesn’t have that kind of support, nor has a proposal been unveiled. And, as seen in the attempt to remake healthcare, he shuns the political trade-offs that are usually needed for remaking tax laws. Over the weekend, protesters took to the streets to demand the release of Trump’s returns, and Trump responded by tweeting that “someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies.”

    LA Times email