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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trump 'tower' is falling

The failed and illegitimate presidency is falling apart while the nation rolls along as if a broken and corrupt government doesn't matter. Another season of "Homeland," this is not; it is a true-life predicament.  The Russians have thrown a monkey wrench into the American Political System. Americans are hijacked, and the mechanism for instituting justice is obstructed by Republican members of Congress all of which must be purged and prosecuted. 

Behind the scene, the Treasury, FBI, and National Security Agency likely have sufficient evidence to prosecute the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader and much more for coordinating with Russians to interfere in American elections.

Add to that, the more instant and prosecutable offenses that include:

  1. Emolument Clause Violation
  2. Misprision of Fraud
  3. Lying by a Federal Government official
  4. Nepotism and Violations of Ethics

The only remedy is to impeach the present government with exception of members of Congress who have not gone along with Trump and corrupt Republican leaders. The US Supreme Court (minus Gorsuch) must collaborate with members of Congress to restore a legitimate government following the rule of law.

Wake up fellow Americans and get a grip as this is your government.

"A Congressman Just Revealed Trump’s Son-In-Law Kushner May Be Indicted
"Intel source: FBI discovers Kremlin is blackmailing Jason Chaffetz over Donald Trump and Russia
By Bill Palmer
Updated: 4:12 pm EDT Fri Apr 14, 2017" 
"Congress Just Filed A Bill To Allow Ex-Presidents To Remove Trump From Office

Oust the Trump regime

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  1. It may be that the bureaucracy and professionalism among the ranks of government workers combined with state and local governments are sufficiently strong to keep the ship of state on course when the federal government leadership reaches an intolerable state.