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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trump's value-added performance

There is something that Donald Trump might do to save himself from inevitable prosecution for treasonous activity with the Russians, Emolument Clause Violations, Misprision of Fraud and all out lying. Here it is.

In addressing the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump could craft the biggest deal ever to bring about peace and stability in the Asian theater. What's the deal?

Donald Trump, the "big dealmaker," might want to consider this scenario.

1. What is the incentive for Kim Jong-un to sustain his leadership in North Korea under the circumstances?

He comes from a line of dictators who have maintained iron-strength control through murderous intolerance and demand for absolute obedience. That cannot be much fun, and we know Kim Jong-un prefers a fun lifestyle.

2. What is the proposition?

Donald Trump is in the business of creating environments for wealthy persons who wish to max out in fun and luxury. Suppose that Trump proposes to Kim Jong-un that Trump will create a secure island resort at which Kim and his top 200 friends and family can live to his last dying day, unmolested and fully supplied to enjoy himself ala the way that Napolean once did only better.

3. What would happen to North Korea?

With regime change, the Chinese, Americans, and South Koreans would collaborate to establish North Korea as a democratic republic and free trade zone as a gateway between Asia nations and China.

Now, think about that and come back with more ideas to denuclearize all of Asia.


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  1. "Google Searches Spike for 'World War 3'

    Google released data on Friday that showed a dramatic uptick in searches for "World War 3" during April, breaking records for the most-searched term since the company began recording search data in 2004, The Hill reported.

    Google Trends also reported that searches for "Trump War" hit its highest mark ever, and search terms "nuclear war" and "war" have also spiked.

    Foreign policy decisions of the administration of President Donald Trump have recently been at the forefront following a missile strike against Syria last week over Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians.

    Then, a military buildup in the seas nearby North Korea edged closer to that country on Saturday as tensions escalated over their nuclear weapons program. And, on Thursday the U.S. launched the nation's largest bomb against Afghanistan targeting ISIS."

    From GOP Insider, as if they are proud of this?