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Monday, April 3, 2017

Why the US Senate is Derelict?

In this article, I ask citizen voters to help with a performance audit of the US Senate since the start of the is session of Congress with Donald Trump as President.

Review the performance of the US Senate in how it evaluated and approved President Donald Trump’s nominees for Executive appointments.

Consider how the US Senate has handled investigations into the many alleged violations of the law by President Donald Trump.

Consider how the US Senate has handled its responsibility to advise and consent on matters of foreign policy in the context of international treaties.

Constitutional Duties of the US Senate

  1. Proposes and considers new laws
  2. Approves or rejects presidential nominations
  3. Provides advice and consent on international treaties
  4. Serves as the high court for impeachment trials

Although the U.S. House of Representatives also works on new legislation, only the Senate performs the other three duties.

The headline suggests that the Senate is derelict, and I believe it is. I will present my case, and you be the judge and jury.

Using my book, How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger © 2107 Archway Publishing as a guide, it is clear that Senators did not perform the following process:

  1. Consider the Job Model for the executive position
  2. Consider the knowledge, skills, and proficiency requirements
  3. Consider candidate’s resume to verify and validate the sources of qualifications and certifications
  4. Consider the candidate’s behavioral assessment that is appropriate for executive management
  5. Consider possible conflicts of interest and their satisfactory resolution before approval

Had the President done that for each candidate, many of his cabinet staff would have been rejected? Since he did not vet nominees correctly, the Senate had the job, and they did no better. That is both the President and Senate failed the American people on their most important task in staffing government.

Now, in today’s news, President Trump’s son-in-law is on a trip to Iraq to meet with State leaders. Secretary of State Tillerson has not been there. The rumor is that Trump is dissatisfied with Tillerson and is considering promoting Niki Haley to replace him. These are unstable times made worse by an incompetent President and Senate.

The Trump and McConnell disaster

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