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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Can Republicans work with Democrats?

John Kasich made an appeal of sort speaking with Dana Bash on CNN. He said that Republicans must reach to Democrats to on important things such as health care. He believes that Trump has learned his lesson.

What is right and wrong about this opinion?

  1. Kasich is correct that bipartisanship is essential in a pluralistic democratic government.
  2. He is wrong that Donald Trump has learned his lesson. Trump continues with a hostile and arrogant tone that undermines a way forward.

Kasich sounds like the moderate Republican that he is. He represents about 25% of the Republican Party. He and his kind might be good partners with Democrats in addressing solution development.

There is no indication that Republicans have learned a thing.

Kasich: Trump needs to work with Democrats on health care 
By Eli Watkins, CNN 
Updated 3:07 PM ET, Sun March 26, 2017 
Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said Sunday he had "no idea" why he couldn't get the conservative House Freedom Caucus to support the bill.
"Is the Republican Party capable of governing?" Mulvaney said in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press." 
During negotiations on the bill, conservative lawmakers balked at tax credits in the legislation, which they viewed as a form of entitlement, and ultimately sought to repeal Obamacare's entire insurance regulation infrastructure. 
In the face of the bill's failure, the Trump administration is moving on from health care for the time being, even though the President promised to repeal and replace the law, Mulvaney said. He added that the administration would get back to repealing Obamacare "when it breaks," which he insisted was inevitable. 
"We've moved on to other things," Mulvaney said. 
The report on the GOP bill from the Congressional Budget Office as well as an assessment from S&P, a financial service, and analysis company, have said Obamacare was not imploding.

Kasich gives a pep talk. Is anyone listening? 

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