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Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Deep State' code word for DSh_t

A story from The Washington Post describes the chaotic scene at The White House and an angry President. He was so upset that he dumped his chief of staff and top advisor from going to Mar-a-Lago with him for a sixth vacation since his Presidency began.

"In a huff, Trump departed for Mar-a-Lago, taking with him only his daughter and Kushner, who is a White House senior adviser. His top two aides, Chief of Staff ­Reince Priebus and Bannon, stayed behind in Washington."

Steve Bannen and Trump conjured up another enemy to blame. This time, it is the military industrial complex that is now called the "Deep State." To this analyst, Trump is in deep sh_t from his errant blabbing and undisciplined behavior. He has made terrible appointments. He can't get a cure for ObamaCare that doesn't taste and look like the Affordable Care Act. Tim Price is already in the woodshed.

Vice President Pence might be the only sane person remaining. Don't be fooled. He was appointed by Trump and remains loyal to the illegitimate government.

Blaming his Chief of Staff

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