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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don't lose sight; it's democracy at stake

As a citizen living in an unstable democracy that is ruled by an illegitimate President and corrupt Congress, the news of the day must be parsed and prioritized.

Awaken each day with a splash of truth that your government has been hijacked by a corrupt political party, a Congress that is obstructing justice, and a President who rules illegally.

You have choices to make:

  1. Capitulate
  2. Resist
  3. Revolt

Going along will further undermine the nation and empower an authoritarian regime that is bent on undoing government purpose and services on which millions of citizens depend. That is not an idle threat as all you have to do is read the Republican Party Platform and watch the daily actions of the Trump White House.

You may decide to resist. Your options are limited to participating in legal protests. The regime ignores this unless you impede egress to and from The White House as the President wants his weekly vacations.

You may resist by donating to those who are taking legal actions against the regime.

When the regime threatens clean air and water on which you and your children depend, what do you do? When the regime expresses its intent to take away life-giving services to poor and elderly persons, what do you do?

When the regime attempts to control the media and to shut down the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, what do you do?

At what point do the anti-American actions by the Trump administration and Congress rise to the level of threatening your economic and personal security? When do citizens revolt?

Looking at the actions of Donald Trump and his administration and that of Congressional leaders, can you honestly say the pledge of allegiance in their name? You may be allegiant to the nation for which the flag stands, but withholding allegiance to a corrupt government is a worthy choice.

The news this morning talks about the fate of Paul Ryan and his continuing mission to destroy Obamacare. The news should be that 100% of the Democrats and 25% of Republicans clamor for his ousting

Artist: Hundredth
Title: Revolt Resist [EP]
Year: 2014

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