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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Don't tell Trump the truth

Don't tell him the truth, he won't hear of it. Donald Trump enjoys slinging false accusations in the belief that people will just take his word for it as they did during the election. Apparently, most Americans are not as gullible as Trump followers.

When Trump charged widespread voter fraud, the nation's experts on the subject told him that he was wrong. Trump persisted with the lie, a violation of Federal Law for officials to lie about anything.

Next, Trump said that he would gather truth from the states about voter fraud. As of now, not a single state has been asked for information about it. The plausible reason is that there are no facts to support Trump's allegation.

"ELECTION OFFICIALS ON TRUMP’S FRAUD CLAIMS: Sam Levine: “Despite insistence that widespread voter fraud exists and pledges to investigate the matter fully, it seems the Trump administration has not bothered to contact top state election officials across the country. The Huffington Post asked all 50 secretaries of state and election officials in the District of Columbia if they had been contacted by the White House or Department of Justice regarding the forthcoming investigation. Not a single secretary of state’s office responded to say that it had.” [HuffPost]

Next, the Congressional team investigating Trump's charge that Obama had him wiretapped is turning out to be baseless. In this instance, the President has slandered the former President and has committed libel. He can be prosecuted for that and impeached. I say, go for it President Obama.

Parasitic President Trump

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