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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Follow the Delusion, and Losing

Donald Trump appealed to House Republicans to pass his "Trumpcare" Program or face losing control of the chamber in 2018. The good news is that it only one year away.

What is in his hand?

  1. The promise that 24 million citizens will be uninsured
  2. The promise that the federal deficit from the healthcare burden will be reduced by $324 billion
  3. Millions of citizens will be given the death sentence
  4. Republicans can turn their back from caring for people in need
  5. He can say that he kept his promise to do something, even when he didn't insure all Americans equally

There are no more cards to draw unless they want to try to fix Obamacare that they worked so hard to cripple.

Is Donald Trump in a position to lecture Congress at this point? After all, he is under investigation for "coordinating" with the enemy.
"President Trump issued a stern warning on Tuesday, telling Republicans they could lose their seats -- and the House majority -- in 2018 if they fail to repeal and replace ObamaCare, GOP sources said. 
During a closed-door meeting in the basement of the Capitol, Trump told rank-and-file House Republicans if the party is not successful in passing its healthcare bill, "I believe many of you will lose in 2018," according to a source in the room. 
"He told us if we don't pass this bill on Thursday, it will put everything in jeopardy that he wants to do, his agenda," Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn.) told The Hill as he left the meeting. 
The House is slated to vote on the American Health Care Act on Thursday. If it passes, it will head to the Senate, where it faces a tougher road. 
Trump's visit to Capitol Hill was billed as a rally for the healthcare bill, just two days before the historic vote to roll back President Obama's signature domestic achievement. But the gathering took on a darker tone. 
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