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Monday, March 6, 2017

Give Trump a Chance

I heard it frequently weeks ago at the start of the Trump installment in American history, "Give him a chance. He's only been in office a few days...weeks...months." Trump is brilliant if he says so himself. 

You see, his strategy is to own our enemies. He wants to deploy his family in his Trump enterprise and deal his way around the world with their being his surrogates. They will engage the Russians in all sorts of "really big deals, bigger deals, the biggest deals ever." They will engage the Iranians too as they already have a head start.

You see, he will own them, and their relationship will be symbiotic and copasetic, capiche?

"Trump’s hotel and tower in Azerbaijan has ties to an Iranian terrorist group 
The president's superheated rhetoric about Iran does not match with the reality of his deal in Azerbaijan 
Despite putting Iran “on notice” and generally promoting a hawkish line toward that country, President Donald Trump is reportedly engaged in an Azerbaijan business deal with an oligarchic family that has ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. 
According the financial filings submitted by Trump’s presidential campaign to the Federal Election Commission, Trump is the president of two entities that were created as part of a project to build the Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, which never opened. Their partner, Garant Holding, is controlled by Anar Mammadov, the son of the nation’s billionaire oligarch and transportation minister Ziya Mammadov. The Mammadovs are so notorious for their corruption that Foreign Policy assigned them the nickname of “The Corleones of the Caspian.” 
The Mammadovs also have close financial ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to a New Yorker report Monday. The Revolutionary Guard has been repeatedly accused by the American government of criminal activities ranging from sponsoring terrorism and drug trafficking to money laundering. The Trump administration even proposed last month that the Revolutionary Guard be designated as a terrorist organization.

Trump hotel in Iran
Image from The Business Insider

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