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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Health Care Costs Up, Choices Down

The arguments that the Republican Congress is making is that with Obamacare, healthcare costs are up and citizen choices are down. Those are not the first questions in the issue. They are factors, but not the main issue.

The main question is will the Federal Government guarantee affordable health care for all citizens or not?

What is your answer President Trump?

Trump answered that everyone will have insurance.

That answer is incomplete. Will every individual be assured of health care coverage for essential needs, or not?

How much will it cost? How will costs be distributed among the universe of recipients?

The answer from the House of Representatives is that 24 million people will not be covered. Many of them will get a death sentence.

That is unacceptable.

Americans are paying too much for healthcare relative to other developed nations. The drivers include the cost of administration and pharmaceuticals. What is being done about that?

Obama wanted to kill off the industry that makes money from insuring and administering. He wanted a centralized government program that is akin to socialized medicine in England. That works pretty well in my experience.

As for choices, people want to keep their physicians. The matter of who their physicians work for and how they are paid is another topic.

Right now, Republicans have shown their hand and that is they don't want to step up to the social responsibility of insuring everyone.

In A Major Blow To Trump, GOP Health Care Bill Vote Is Delayed
The bill faced opposition from the center and right within the Republican Party. President Trump, for all his efforts at deal-making, hasn't been able yet to secure the votes.

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