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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hold the Republican Party Accountable

The news throughout the world is about Donald Trump's despicable behavior and how he and the Republican Party has degraded democracy in America to a classification called "flawed democratic republic." American citizens must awaken and do something about this situation. 

First, Republicans need to reestablish their party as being aligned with American Constitutional values that are not the right-wing extremists. Republican moderates must align with Democrats to impeach and purge extremists from the government that starts with the President, his Vice President, and the Speaker of the House who have engaged in obstruction of justice.

A Constitutional crisis looms because the normal protocols are disrupted by corruption and illegitimacy. The illegitimacy of the President and his entire administration stems from his Emolument Clause, conflicts of interest, violations and from incessant lying that includes Misprision violations. These are crimes and impeachable offenses.

This week's embarrassment by the President while meeting with German Chancellor Merkel led the press to declare that she is now the leader of the free world and not the President of the United States.

"Trump drags key foreign allies into controversy over unproven wiretap claims 
The events cap two weeks of uproar over an explosive allegation against Obama with no evidence."

The Washington Post

The Washington Post Image

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