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Friday, March 24, 2017

How Republicans can stop the bleeding

Should I tell them? They haven't asked. Democrats don't listen much either. Here it goes.

To keep the Ship of State afloat will require some doing. The first thing is to get the crew to work together, which means bipartisan cooperation and collaboration. It is time for Republicans who want to stay in business to reach out to Democrats with the intention of partnering. If half of the Republicans would do that, there is a real sense that Congress can regain functionality.

This also means that the right-wing of the party must be jettisoned and ignored.

One of the first aims of the newly cultivated bipartisan Congressional team is to impeach Donald Trump, his Vice President, and appointees. To do that, they must impeach and remove Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House for a cause that is obstruction of justice. They must assess the Senate president pro tempore to see if he is still legitimate. If so, then Mitch McConnell would be acting President. He might be able to work in a bipartisan manner to get the nation through until 2020.

Of course, if the House and Senate flip in 2018, McConnell would be serving under proper legislative constraint.

President Mitch McConnell

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  1. Standby, I can barely wait.

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    In a stunning tweetstorm this evening, columnist and reporter Seth Abramson (Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, Washington Post) laid out all the details on the Russia-Trump connection. And folks, if true this is impeachment territory, and imprisonment territory, for the highest officials in the United States."