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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Indivisible, Grassroots Campaign

Saturday, Maureen and I stopped at her hometown, Worthington, Ohio, on her birthday. We both lived there during our long marriage, and we love the old village, Now, the old hardware store is gone. In its place is something unusual.

In the front is a paper and gifts retail shop, and in the back is a workshop filled with job and litho presses. It is a place where people can come to set type and print whatever they want.

Today, a women's group commandeered the presses to print postcards and to send them to their elected representatives. Political representatives addresses were posted for all to see. Stacks of postcards were made available for women to write individual messages. Some of the cards bore the title: "Resist!" Others had similar themes.

Being her birthday, stopping by to participate in this protest initiative could not have been more appropriate. I bought her a pair of earrings while she trooped on with a mailing campaign.

She was making America great again by seeking to oust the Trump regime.

Organize your own event.

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