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Friday, March 10, 2017

Little sustained effort at maintaining president'

ABC isn't nice to Donald Trump in its weekly wrap up of The White House news. I am not either. As an independent journalist who fears for the nation's ruin under this illegitimate regime, nothing is redeeming about it. It is rotten at its foundation, and Trump has done nothing to clear him from Emolument Clause violations of the U.S. Constitution. His constant lying from the Office of President includes a misprision violation and just plain lying as a member of the federal government. 

Next week, this journalist-analyst will focus on Speaker Paul Ryan since his obstruction of justice stands in the way of prosecuting Trump.

"(Trump) He is also straining his own credibility and the credibility of the presidency while coming perilously close to losing control of his bold agenda. He has faced down few real crises and can boast of no major legislative victories. Unified control of 
Washington has seldom felt this divided. 
The contradictions of this president are on public display almost daily, sometimes hourly. The public has seen flashes of the transformational leader Trump promised to be -– and also more than equal doses of pettiness."

Indictable in time. He can't escape.

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