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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'Mr. President, you are under arrest.'

After a long investigative ordeal, remember that Richard M. Nixon was coaxed from office.
"With impeachment by the House and removal by the Senate all but certain, on the night of August 8, 1974, Nixon took to the airwaves and delivered SP 3-125: Presidential Address Announcing His Intention to Resign the Oval Office. And then on the day of August 9, 1974, Nixon became the first, and so far only, president to resign." 
What is happening with President Donald Trump?

He has been a party in an investigation into Russian racketeering by the FBI and National Security Agency. It may be that he just rented them an apartment or something like that. Nonetheless, it could be that his voice and that of members of his campaign somehow showed up in the FBIs sweep for information. He may not have been the initial target, however inadvertently he and his surrogates were on the phone during surveillance.

There are other fish to fry. The Emolument Clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits conflicts of interest the appearance of which are apparent to even the blindest of citizens.

To make the case, Treasury and the FBI need to investigate IRS and other business data. Treasury is still auditing, and the slowness is understandable by the complexity of the Trump empire.

The little things such as lying by a federal government official such as Trump has done is impeachable. Also, Trump violated the Misprision law by covering up untruthfulness by Mike Flynn and maybe even Vice President Pence.

Senator Dianne Feinstein speculates that Trump may walk away from The White House as did Nixon. Except, the pending charges against Trump may well include treason. If it comes to that, there will be an inevitable perp walk.

Cat got your tongue? 

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  1. Trump tried to say that he was vindicated today. Not a chance. He is delusional as we all know.

    "In fact, Nunes is making the OPPOSITE case. Trump, you'll recall, claimed Obama specifically authorized the spying on him.


    “That never happened,” Nunes, a Trump ally, told reporters Wednesday. If there was any spying, it didn't appear to have anything to do with the president.

    The Washington Post

    Trump is toast.