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Monday, March 27, 2017

'No free assistance'

I disagree completely with the notion of forcing retirees to work once they have reached the legal age. If they want to, that is their personal option. 

When you get to retirement age, how well you feel is variable with your physical and mental condition. By the time most people get to retirement, they probably feel that they need the rest. They need a change from a life of hard work.

Republicans and others who are sitting around wondering how to extract more blood from old turnips should look in another direction. Embracing the notion of forced labor is unAmerican. It is erroneous to equate Social Security as being an unearned benefit.

If you have a shortfall, look to the drivers that include foreign policy and defense policy that we cannot afford.

"Struggling seniors who want government help should be put to work says, one reader 
Assistance shouldn’t be free to anyone who can make a productive contribution in return for government assistance,” he wrote. “Have them pick up litter, sweep the streets, work in subsidized day care centers, prepare mailers, help in government offices, act as park and museum guides, something.” 
Michelle Singletary
The Washington Post

Respect the Elderly

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