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Monday, March 6, 2017

Not Being a Lawyer

Being educated in the law is one of the credentials that I strongly recommend in my new book, How to Select and American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing. There are many reasons and among them include: the jobs of Member of the House of Representatives, Senator, and President of the United States are all about creating, amending, retiring and replacing laws and regulations. Often, it might be said, "Oh, the President doesn't need to be a lawyer because he is surrounded by them."

Here is the problem with not being a lawyer when serving in elected offices in the Federal Government. Being a trained lawyer is not just about learning the law, it is about learning how to think and operate within the legal framework. Not having that mindset leads to deficiencies.

A President like Donald Trump is known in business to operate to the limits of the law and to exploit their weaknesses to his advantage to make a profit and to keep it from paying taxes. Government regulates capitalists like him for the good of the people by ensuring a balance among economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.

Trump and Republicans are now chopping off the Environmental Protection Agency, for instance. They don't like the cost of ensuring clean air and water and don't want the regulations. That action is not good for citizens but may be good for capitalists in the short run, until they run out of clean vital resources.

Not all lawyers work on the side of what is good.

On the docket this morning is that the "House Judiciary Committee Dems to ask WH counsel for details of communications with FBI, DOJ." The Trump White House keep trying to interfere in investigations by agencies into its own bad behavior. The corrupted Congress does too. So, Democrats must keep the torch aimed at the areas of possible abuse of the law and due process.
House Judiciary Committee Dems to ask WH counsel for details of communications with FBI, DOJ 
Published March 06, 2017 
Several Democrats on the House Judiciary plan to send a letter to White House counsel Don McGahn on Monday, urging him to release information on communications between his office and the FBI and Justice Department. 
“We write to express our concern regarding reports of improper contacts between your office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, concerning the FBI’s ongoing review of efforts by the Russian government to unlawfully influence the U.S. presidential election in favor of Mr. Trump,” a draft of the letter reads. 
The letter details the weekend’s events surrounding President Trump’s allegation that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential election. The lawmakers say that reports of contact between McGahn’s office and federal law enforcement were “more troubling.”


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  1. Surely, there are exceptions for candidates seeking office and not having a law degree. However, that places the need for additional diligence to see how they they have performed with regard to legal compliance.