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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Profile Your District, Part 2 of 2

Your Member of the House of Representatives is supposed to represent the interests and needs of your specific district. That is where their responsibility begins. However, they also must also participate in addressing the needs for the common good of everyone.

How does a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives bring home the bacon? And, another important question is how should taxes be apportioned based on income? How should tax revenue be used?

You must begin by answering these questions as a citizen-voter. If you don't know or cannot express what kind of community you want, how can you expect someone else to read your mind?

This brings up an important question, how much discretionary time do you devote to managing your government? In America, all government at each level is by and for the people. If you think that your government isn't performing the way that you want, then the chances are it is because you have failed to articulate your needs and wants.

The Republican Party Platform in 2016 pitted citizens against their government. That was a political tactic that has proven to be divisive and unAmerican.

The Democratic Party Platform in 2016 attempted to appeal to a large number of small groups and interests without integrating them into a cohesive plan to produce a sustainable economy.

I submit that defining a sustainable economy that works for you and your future and children is where to begin.

How does your Representative to the House describe economic sustainability for your community?

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