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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Profile Your District to Select a Representative Part 1 of 2

It is one thing to gain an understanding of the core job of a Member of the House of Representatives as a foundation for determining the qualification and credentials suitable to be your voice in Congress. I have provided that in articles and in my book. Here are the references that are hot-linked. Click on the highlight and it will take you to the source. The articles are free references.

How to Select an American President by James A. George with James A. Rodger (c) 2017 Archway Publishing

How to Select a US Member of the House of Representatives, Part 1 of 2

How to Select a Member of the US House of Representatives Part 2 of 2

A summary is not a substitute for reading the detailed articles. However here is a start.

A U.S. Congressional Representative should be exceptionally intelligent and academically accomplished. Because the job is making, amending, retiring and implementing laws and regulations in an automated environment, they should have command of the law and appropriate technology. There is no legal requirement for that which means anyone can run for office. Smart voters will select legally trained and technically equipped candidates.

The quality of their education matters with regard to their university stature and standing.

A candidate should be an accomplished professional, having shown that they can get things done in a collaborative environment.

They should be healthy and mentally and behaviorally suited for the job. That should be supported by a professional assessment from a board-certified source.

o   American government system
o   Concept of operations
o   Concept of the role of the president in optimizing the nation’s government performance
o   Constitution
o   Economics
o   Entitlements
o   Foreign policy
o   Information and communications technology
o   International trade
o   Knowing each governmental department and primary expectations for them
o   Knowing how to create laws
o   Knowing how to work with Congress
o   Law
o   Operational architecture
o   Primary presidential tasks and associated outcomes

o   Administrative
o   Budgeting
o   Strategic planning
o   Writing
o   Speaking
o   Negotiating
o   Collaborating
o   Debating
o   Planning
o   Problem-solving
o   Decision-making
o   Sense-making
o   Predicting
o   Modeling
o   Recruiting and staffing
o   Organization development
o   Program evaluation and management

As for a specific agenda, the candidate should begin by publishing a manifesto that demonstrates an understanding and alignment of your District’s needs and what you expect with regard to where you want your region to he headed.

Representative's Platform and Agenda: Priorities, Issues, Causes, Programs, Solutions, Vision
·      Banking
·      Fossil fuels
·      Energy independence
·      Entrepreneurs
·      Food supply
·      Green renewable
·      Housing
·      Infrastructure
·      Job creation
·      Manufacturing
·      Nation-building
·      Nuclear
·      Peace-building
·      Preemptive war
·      Promote democracy
·      Sustainable economy
·      Transportation
·      War is last resort

o   Attitude about big business
o   Attitude about campaign contributions
o   Attitude about educators
o   Attitude about free speech
o   Attitude about government regulation
o   Attitude about gun control
o   Attitude about health care
o   Attitude about immigrants
o   Attitude about organized labor
o   Attitude about public service
o   Attitude about rural America
o   Attitude about small business
o   Attitude toward women
o   Attitude toward immigrants
o   Attitude toward minorities
o   Patriotic
o   States’ rights versus Central government
o   Work ethic
·      Military Experience:
o   Rank
o   Combat Veteran
o   Unit
o   Command
o   Wars and battles
o   Citations and awards
·      Public Office Experience:
o   Vice President
o   Judge
o   Department Secretary
o   Governor
o   Senator
o   House Representatives
o   Mayor
o   State Legislature
o   Other Public Service
·      Private Sector Experience:
o   CEO/President
o   Large Corporation
o   Medium Corporation
o   Small Business
o   Vice President
o   Director
o   Professional Manager
o   Entrepreneur
o   Inventor
o   Patents

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  1. If you have elected a person to office that is lacking in core abilities and experience, you are advised to make a change as soon as possible.