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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Rachel Maddow following Trump's money

Can we make this a contest? The FBI and National Security Agencies reputations are on the line. Rachel Maddow follows a lead and gets the goods on Trump that connects him to corruption and maybe links to Russians. The federal investigative authorities should be doing their jobs by producing the facts and assembling a case for analysis by prosecutors.

The trouble is, the investigative agencies may be corrupted by interference, or reluctant by executive compromise. Or, they may have been scooped by Rachel. What is the answer?

"This is the family that Trump got into bed with on his high-rise deal to the tune of at least $2.5M that he has declared. And it may not be able to lie fallow. Sherrod Brown, the ranking Democratic Senator on the banking committee, has written to the Justice Department, asking them to investigate this whole transaction. It appears that this was a passive deal for Trump, simply renting out his name to grease the skids, but he got paid. He dropped the deal later, but the paper trail is there."

Trump in a box like GITMO

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