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Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump PlayBook Exposed

Truly, the Trump playbook is open for all to see. Ironically, the Republican opposition to Trump fell into two camps: 1) Mean and 2) Meaner.

The first "meanies" are the moderates who sought to do something less than Obamacare. Maybe, they might have wanted to tweak or fix it, but they were hung up in their ideological underwear. That is, they could not bring themselves to serving their constituents' needs.

The worst group of "meanies" are the conservatives who just don't believe that government should help citizens. They want everyone to survive on their own. That is not what America is about or should be.

Trump published a lot of books and the Conservative Republicans read a few and knew Trump's strategy and tactics. They called his bluff and won the battle with him, but lost the war.

Republicans are the meanies who tried in vein to trash Obamacare. They may have wounded it. For now, Obamacare is the law of the land.

By the Trump playbook, you win some and lose some. He wants to move on to tax reform. If he believes that will be easier, he has another book to write, or have ghost-written for him.

One man's mouth disappeared and the other is lock tight.

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