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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Report Card: 'F'

Subject: Affordable healthcare for all Americans

Grade: "F."

Many empty promises are made beginning with "insurance for everyone."

"Trump Promised ‘Insurance for Everyone.’ Trumpcare Would Leave 52 Million Without It, CBO Says. 
The plan would leave 14 million more without coverage than would have it under Obamacare. The president said he'd give ‘insurance for everyone.’"
Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
Lies like this one are an impeachable offense. Furthermore, Trumpcare costs more than Obamacare.

"Health insurance premiums would also rise in the short term: between now and 2020, single policyholders would find their health insurance premiums rising 15-20 percent over the current Obamacare law."

President Trump and his Republican Congress are completely off base from being aligned with the majority of American citizens needs and wants.

They can and must be ousted by all legal means. Prosecuting the President for unlawful breaches can bring down the regime that includes members of Congress who go along with the unAmerican activity.

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The Washington Post Image
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  1. Republicans and the President are all about "Wealthcare" and not "Healthcare."