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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trump's Analysis of AHCA worse than CBO's

The Trump House criticized the Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the Republican-created American Health Care Act, while its team determined that it was even worse. News from The Huffington Post this morning backs it up.

"CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE GIVES RYAN PLAN HARSH VERDICT Paul Ryan called his Obamacare alternative plan an "act of mercy," but mercy me! The Congressional Budget Office rendered a grade on the American Health Care Act, and it was not good: projecting that 24 million Americans could lose their health care. In one notable case of sticker shock, the CBO projected that a "single 64-year-old who makes $26,500, for example, could face a 700 percent jump in premiums (from $1,700 now to $14,600 under the GOP bill)." [HuffPost] 
AND THE WHITE HOUSE'S OWN INTERNAL PROJECTIONS ARE WORSE The late breaking news was that the White House was even less bullish on the Ryan plan than the CBO was. According to internal documents obtained by Politico, "The executive branch analysis forecast that 26 million people would lose coverage over the next decade, versus the 24 million CBO estimate — a finding that undermines White House efforts to discredit the forecasts from the nonpartisan CBO." 
Huffington Post

By either account, the Republican plan will leave between 24 and 26 million people without health insurance. That is hurtful and not a viable alternative to the Obama Affordable Care Act. Trump and his regime need to go back to fixing Obamacare, and not repealing it.

The action is a demonstration of utter incompetence. It has been a lie all of the time that this government had a better solution. They don't.

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