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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Trump's Healthcare Lemon

He doesn't want to take ownership, but it is already parked in his garage, Trumpcare, that is.
"Intentionally or not, Hannity summed up the political dilemma facing Trump and his Administration. The White House has embraced Paul Ryan’s handiwork—the House Speaker is the bill’s top backer—and they are now trying together to persuade the full House and the Senate to vote for at least some version of it. But if the bill does pass and Trump signs it into law, what happens then? The health-care industry will be thrown into turmoil; many millions of Americans will lose their coverage; many others, including a lot of Trump voters (particularly elderly ones), will see their premiums rise sharply; and Trump will risk being just as closely associated with “Trumpcare” as Barack Obama was with Obamacare. 
John Cassidy 
New Yorker

It's a lemon. It hurts people, the ones who voted for Donald Trump. Trumpcare is his signature legislation, should it ever come to pass. Whatever the Congress up to, they are killing Obamacare and a large number of Americans too. That body count will hurt them, now and forever.

He's a lemon.

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