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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump's Renegade Agenda

It is difficult to believe a thing that is said by leaders who are in a perpetual state of lying. That is why it is a crime for any federal government official to lie whether they are under oath or not. Yet, here we are, citizens confronting and resisting a lying President and Republican-led Congress.

What they said in the Republican Party Platform are these things, among others.
Social Security 
"Current retirees and those close to retirement can be assured of their benefits." 
Preserving Medicare and Medicaid 
"More than 100 million Americans depend on Medicare or Medicaid for their healthcare; with our population aging, that number will increase. To preserve Medicare and Medicaid, the financing of these important programs must be brought under control before they consume most of the federal budget, including national defense."
Republican Party Platform 
The actions that we are witnessing led by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others is the opposite.

What triggers this article today is the announcement of the President's budget intentions. Trump is chopping many departments and programs to shift the "savings" to the Department of Defense that has already said that it doesn't need more money.

"Trump unveils first budget blueprint 
President Trump on Thursday made public his first federal budget blueprint, revealing a plan to dramatically reduce the size of government." 
The Hill
What else did Republicans tell Americans they were going to do in their Party Platform?

"Audit the Pentagon 
No major part of the Department of Defense has ever passed an audit. Republican leaders in Congress have called for a full financial audit of the Pentagon to ensure that every dollar spent is truly benefitting our national security. Every taxpayer must be prepared to pass an audit, and we urge Congress to demand the same level of accountability from the Pentagon and the Department of Defense."
Republican Party Platform 
Trump ignored that completely.
"The sweeping cuts would axe programs that help the poor, fund research on climate change and science and provide aid to foreign countries.  
Federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities would be terminated, along with money for more than a dozen other agencies."

Donald Trump does not have unanimous support in his own party. He can't get Obamacare replaced. He can't write immigration legislation that is legal either. He is a renegade President who is operating without legitimacy.

Renegade and rogue Presidency 


  1. Republicans can leave benefits in place and regulate the pump. For instance, you can be an elderly person on Medicaid, and they will shut off the amount of assistance that you need to stay alive. See you later on the other side.

  2. "TRUMP'S (SKINNY) BUDGET IS HERE - The White House released its budget blueprint this morning at 7 a.m. and as many expected, the outline includes deep cuts to domestic and diplomacy programs while redirecting those dollars toward the military and law enforcement. The document "represents the most concrete translation of Trump's nationalistic and populist rhetoric on the campaign trail into dollars and cents," Shane Goldmacher reports. "We wrote it using the president's own words," OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said. "We turned those policies into numbers." More from Shane:"