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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wanted: a CEO like Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation shared this in a tweet, highlighting advances in renewable energy development. As I wrote in Sustainable Economics: America’s Path for Regeneration, 
Transforming the World to Sustainable Living through Business Process Redesign
© 2015 James A. George and James A. Rodger, All Rights Reserved, the best way to turn the economy to sustainable capitalism is by changing the energy paradigm.

Read all about it here:

My book is a free read:

"Imagining such a future is tantalizing. Realizing it will require a lot of hard work. No one knows if there’s a practical way to turn sunlight into fuel. Thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy, Nate and a group of other researchers around the U.S. are receiving research support to find out if it is possible. 
We live in a time when new discoveries and innovations are so commonplace that it’s easy to take the cutting-edge research I saw at Caltech for granted. But most breakthroughs that improve our lives—from new health interventions to new clean energy ideas—get their start as government-sponsored research like Nate’s. If successful, that research leads to innovations, which spawn new industries, that create new jobs, that spur economic growth. Overemphasizing the importance of government support in this process is impossible. Without it, human progress would not come as far as it has."

While the Trump administration seeks to hold onto fossil fuels that are a dead end, Gates and the Department of Energy have different ideas. Americans must prevent Trump from going forward with the destruction of our government institutions as that will curtail progress and turn the lights off on our economic future.

For President, we should have considered Bill Gates.

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